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My dream is to create wedding films that move others, but this is a story that has moved me. Jvarn and Autumn's story displays the handwriting of a gracious God, orchestrated against the odds and across oceans to bring them together.

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“Love will overcome a multitude of challenges”

Jess and Troy’s road has not been an easy one. Jess was born with six heart conditions and has had four heart operations, including a Fontans procedure at just three years old - a complete reconstruction of the heart. In recent years she has suffered heart failure followed by influenza, bringing her close to death.

Now she is also facing a liver disease and is waiting to have a double organ transplant - a risky operation, and the first of its kind in New Zealand. 

Jess and Troy wanted to have their dream wedding before the procedure, so they put the call out on social media for anyone who might be able to help out. They were pleasantly shocked when dozens of wedding vendors eagerly offered their services to make this day happen. Ben Howard's management even got involved allowing me to use his music in the video!

It was a privilege to capture the wedding of such incredible people. This is their story.

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A beautiful northland wedding and one of the most powerful haka I've ever witnessed. This is Tareha and Ihipera's love story.

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Jess asked Andrew to the school ball so that she didn't have to go with someone else. It worked out pretty well for both of them!

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Naturally, as a wedding videographer I've heard 1 Corinthians 13, "the love chapter", many times. But I've never heard it quite like this.

The Minister delivered a message that left me shaken and brought new meaning to old words. With such a masterful use of language he portrayed the beauty of a mature and selfless love, widening my understanding of what I thought I knew.

His words gave love depth - a depth beautifully reflected in Sarna and Colin.

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"Thank you for swiping right"

I used to think Tinder wouldn't do any good for anyone - it's a just a wast of time if you're actually after a serious relationship. Renee and Damian have certainly proven me wrong there! 

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